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Souad Massi’s “O Houria” Features Songs in 3 Languages


Algerian expat Souad Massi released a new album “O Houria’’ (O Liberty), in three different languages: Arabic, French and English. The album features 12 tracks with rhythms ranging from folk to rock and to pop music.

The singer collaborated with the famous French artist Francis Cabrel to record the songs.

“I wanted to target pop music in my new album ‘Liberty’. I recorded the songs in a close- to-nature studio which helped me much, affected my morale, and inspired many of my ideas”, said Souad to the Swiss paper “Le Nouvelliste”.

The multilingual album “O Houria’’ is meant to offer Souad more prominence. “I love to sing in Arabic and in English, because my French accent is not good. Yet, I consider singing in French necessary because this language represents a part of me”, says Souad.

On her new album, Massi touches on social issues related to violence against women and migration. She states she does not find anything wrong with making political statements with her songs, particularly those related to racism.

The singer told the Swiss newspaper: “I’m very touched by international issues, particularly those related to racism from which I suffered a great deal when I arrived to France. Back then, I could not own a house because of my Arab and Algerian origins”.




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