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Mami: Rai is Algerian, not Moroccan


Algerian rai singer Cheb Mami refused to compare Algerian and Moroccan rai festivals, saying Algeria is the origin of this music genre.

In his interview with Algerian newspaper “Chorouk”, the singer said: “There is no room for comparison because we are talking about originality and replication.”

He added: “The rai festival in Wehran where all rai stars performed is the origin, and the whole world knows that rai is Algerian.”

Mami noted that the Moroccans love for rai music is what prompted them to organize concerts for this specific genre.

Mami’s statements came in response to Moroccan rai singer Al Douzi who had recently declared during a show on “Nasma TV” channel that rai music is originally Moroccan.




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