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Jiji Lamara: I’m Still with Nancy


Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram’s business manager, Jiji Lamara denied recent news published by a Lebanese website stating that he terminated his contract with her.

In a statement to “Besaraha” website, Jiji said he didn’t and won’t end his work with Nancy because he spent over 14 successful years with her.

He added he was surprised when he heard this rumor, which, according to him had been previously promoted. He noted he wants to present more successful projects with Nancy.

Regarding managing emerging Lebanese singer Natasha, the website quoted Lamara as saying: “Who is that?” adding he never heard of her and does not even know what she looks like.

It is worth noting that “Lebanon Files” website recently published news about Jiji leaving Nancy and replacing her with Natasha, stating they were spotted leaving the recording studio together.




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