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Fulla Finishes Filming an Operetta


Algerian singer Fulla finished recording the music video of an operetta featuring a group of prominent Arab music stars.

In a statement to “Heya” website, Fulla said the operetta was filmed in Dubai and is produced by a Saudi company. She expressed her happiness for taking part in this project.

She added the project features Kuwaiti singers Abdullah Al Rowaished and Nabil Shoeil, Lebanese singer Diana Haddad and many others.

The Algerian singer also revealed she is recording a Khaleeji-Moroccan single titled “Elaab”, noting she will record another one titled “Ana Eini Alaik”, written and composed by her.

Fulla also recorded “Wahshani Ya Masr” which has launched on YouTube urging Algerian and Egyptian peoples to reconcile.




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