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Al Marzouqi’s Song to be Released in Ramadan


Emirati singer Omar Al Marzouqi released his new song “Ramadan Ahlain” as the holy month has started.

“Mawaly.com” reported the song lyrics are by Ahmed Al Ghoneimi and composed and arranged by Ahmed Al Mansouri.

The song isn’t his first to commemorate the holy month, as he previously released “Ramadan Shahrana Al Ghali” in 2010, which was a hit for the season.

The singer recorded many songs in his career, such as “Shawet Galbi” – lyrics by Obeid Al Dabisi and composed by Kuwaiti musician Yousef Al Muhanna.

The song was released in the album “Khaleeji Mix” with many of the Gulf’s stars, such as Aida el Menhali.

Al Marzouqi was also part of the “Motaat Al Aql” album with Emirati singers Osama Al Safi, Abdulla Al Abbar, Ahmed Al Mansouri and Abdulla Al Shahhi.




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